Instant Pot Duo Crisp

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer Reviews – The Best of All Duo Series.Instant pot duo crisp is said to be the best among all Duo series. Is that true? Here, we will try to find more about this series and find out if the Crisp model is the best one. First of all, let’s look at one of the most popular products from Instant Pot, the instant pot duo nova.

instant pot duo crisp
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Instant Pot Duo Crisp

Instant Pot Duo Nova Features

The Duo Nova series has various features, which we say is one of the best additions to a pressure cooker like this one. First of all, it has various inner pot capacities. You can get the instant pot duo nova 6 quart, 8 quart, and 10 quarts. However, if you are looking for a small-sized pressure cooker, you can try the Duo Nova 3 quart.

Furthermore, this product also has seven cooking modes you can use freely. They are pressure cooker and rice cooker mode, which is the standard mode of this product. Then, it also has a slow cooker, steamer, and food warmer mode for making various types of meals. Best of all, you also can use it as a sauté pan and even yogurt maker. All these modes are available in all capacities, from three to the instant pot duo nova 10 quart.

Instant Pot also uses advanced

microprocessor technology on all models in this series. The microprocessor will adjust and monitor the heat, temperature, pressure level, and many other elements to boost the cooking time up to 70% faster. And, it even works on the biggest capacities, instant pot duo nova 10 qt. So, if you want to cook for many people at once faster, this product is your choice.

Furthermore, the safety features in instant pot duo nova 8 quart and other capacities are magnificent. Instant Pot adds more than 10 protections that allow you to turn it on, cook on it, and then leave it. The system will automatically cook and turn it off when it is done. It also has food-grade stainless steel 305 inner pots that are safe for your body and health.

All in all, Instant Pot Duo Nova is one of the best choices you can get. You can buy any capacity that you like, but, if we are talking about the most popular one, instant pot duo nova 6 qt is your right choice. Or, you can choose the middle one to get the capacity that is not too small or big with the instant pot duo nova 8 qt.

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Instant pot duo evo plus is the latest model from this series. It has all new features and upgrades which make it stand out among other Duo series. One of them is the cooking preset program. Instant Pot adds 48 different programs for your convenience. It is the best cooking preset program you can find on this brand pressure cooker series.

As for the capacity, Duo Evo Plus only provides two choices, which is the instant pot duo evo plus 6 qt and 8 quarts. Unfortunately, you can’t find a bigger size like the Duo Nova 10 quart. However, we think that the instant pot duo evo plus 8 quart is enough for various cooking needs.

More importantly, you also can find the biggest display screen on instant pot duo evo plus 8qt and other capacities. Now, you can easily control and choose the cooking mode that you want when you cook in this instant pot duo evo plus 8 qt.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp

We consider this product as the best because of the addition of instant pot duo crisp air fryer accessories. This accessory allows you to fry your ingredients. Moreover, the EvenCrisp technology also will give you a nice crispy and golden brown result.

Moreover, it also has an 11-in-1 cooking program that gives you more freedom to use this pressure cooker for any recipes and ingredients. You can use its basic function, which is pressure cooking. Then, it also can do other things, such as steaming, sauté, roast, bake, and others.

As for the capacity, you can only get the 8 quart capacity for the Duo Crisp model. Unfortunately, if you prefer the smaller one, for example, the instant pot duo 6 quart, you don’t have the option here. But, as we said before, the 8 quart is an ideal size for a pressure cooker. Therefore, you don’t have to worry. You can cook many things with this instant pot duo plus capacity.

Which One Is The Best?

Now, we have to choose which one is the best among those three. To be honest, it is not as easy as instant pot duo vs duo nova, where Duo Nova won by landslide. These three, the Crisp, Nova, and Evo, have various benefits and advantages. However, we have chosen the best one between those three. It is the Instant Pot Duo Crisp model. Why?

Maybe the Crisp model is not as easy as the Nova model that is made for the beginner. However, once you get used to its 11 functions, you will understand that this pressure cooker gives you more than what you expected. It can cook everything. In short, you can enjoy cooking with it. Furthermore, we also like the air fryer addition in it. It means we get two appliances in one product. So, we see it as a good investment for your kitchen and cooking needs.

Other than those three, you may also be able to see the instant pot duo mini and instant pot duo sv. They are also good choices if you want a simple and easy-to-use pressure cooker from Instant Pot. However, if you want the best of the best, we recommend the Crisp model.


Those are everything that you need to know about the Crisp model. We love it because we can do many things with it. It also has an affordable price, plus various bonuses that put it on top of other products. So, whenever you want to buy a pressure cooker from the Instant Pot brand, we recommend only one product. This one product is the instant pot duo crisp review

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